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Photography is not something I produce, it's something that produces a change both in myself and my clients. In all my years and thousands of photo shoots, I have yet to finish a project and not look at the world in a new way. The camera lens captures what the human eye leaves behind.

I got my start in the world of photography late in life, I started by just shooting objects around me. I practiced , studied and worked long nights so I could perfect my craft. I have been doing photography since 2012. I have a great list of accomplishments but the only goal I have when working with clients is to make sure they are completely satisfied.

To me, the magic of photography, per se, is that you can capture an instant of a second that couldn't exist before and couldn't exist after. If you miss , you missed a special moment.


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"A friend had suggested hiring Ronnie for our wedding and once I saw his work I knew he was the photographer for us! Every style of photography he shoots comes out perfectly and to make things even better his packages and prices were some of the best I had been given."

Upon meeting Ronnie I knew I had made the right choice, he is extremely personable and will make my guests feel at ease, especially with his sense of humor!

"I had an engagement shoot with Ronnie already and the photos I received were stunning, not to mention I got some photos less than 24 hours after the shoot. The rest of the photos also came quickly, I know some people wait months for their photos but with Ronnie that is not the case. I cannot wait to have him shoot my wedding in a few months and I wouldn't recommend any other photographer!"

- Kathleen Lewis, Bride-To-Be

"We got married on October 9th,2016 and hired Ronnie as our photographer. We are so glad we did, he is so personable and professional. Ronnie was not only our photographer but he helped out with everything else and made our day run smoothly. He fit in so well and made everyone comfortable while taking pictures, we were able to joke around and have fun which was great. That day was freezing and looking at the pictures he made them look like it was a beautiful summer day lol. Thank you Ronnie for everything and capturing our special day so beautifully."

-Christina Papaioannou, Bride

"Ronnie is an extremely professional and fun photographer to work with! He arrived early and kept everyone on schedule. Even when I was being frantic and running late with my photos, he took it upon himself to photograph other things; my dress, ring, veil, venue etc and didn't just sit around waiting for direction."

"He also had great and creative photo suggestions for both the bridal party and groomsmen. He was also very professional with the videographer and worked well with him to get the results I wanted."

His energy was infectious and we loved having him around on our wedding day.

"I feel extremely happy with the pictures. They were more than I could've asked for. When he realized my husband and I weren't going to get around to taking photos with everyone, he took it upon himself to take a picture of every single guest there. It was a beautiful surprise when we received the photos."

"His turn around is also impressive. We were receiving edits as soon as the day after, and printed photos within weeks ( with an addition of my favourite photo being framed as a surprise)We felt heard and everything was photographed beautifully. He really captured the day the way I saw it, and made it even better."

"I would hire Ronnie again. He did our engagement photos, and when we start a family he'll be the first person I phone to have those pictures taken."

- Nikole Gabriel, Bride

"Feel free to blast this everywhere your heart desires! I've had the pleasure and honor working with Ronnie on several past events and will be later this year as well."

"I've come to trust not only his abilities behind the camera but have become so comfortable working with him because he makes it so easy. He has the perfect combination of professionalism and fun that really makes a positive impact on your overall experience and the end results of his work."

"I appreciate very much the time and care he invests into his work, his and my clients. If you hire anyone for your wedding/engagement photography, you hire him then sit back and watch the magic work! Thanks for being you Ronnie!"

- Ashley Victoria

"Having planned a whole wedding by myself, I can say there are not too many sharp vendors who are on point. They are experts at charging you up the nose, but will forget those details that you have dreamed up forever and asked for twice. My experience with Ronnie Lee was the easiest part of my planning. I have been following his work on facebook for a year or two, so when the proposal happened, the first vendor I knew I wanted (and insisted upon) was Ronnie for photography."

His response time is fast, and he is creative, professional and passionate about his work.

"A lot of the attendees took notice and were impressed. I heard great reviews from friends and family and he has made fans of some of my guests. I don’t exactly know what he did, but they were raving – I’m guessing his work ethic and warm, fun personality did not go unnoticed?? My sister-in-law, who is getting married in less than a year, was remorseful that she had already chosen another vendor recommended by her hosting venue after seeing how Ronnie does his thing. My bridal party loved working with him."

"They had fun with the shoot and are eager to see the product. Given the amount of brilliant work that he posts in a short amount of time, I would have to say that this is the hardest working photographer I know (and I have worked with and follow several). The photos are perfectly captured and I am anticipating they will be artfully edited to be viewed with great fondness and enchantment forever. I loved my wedding and I know that the photos that I am awaiting will have generously bestowed the magic of the day. Thank you, Ronnie, for being a dream photographer. I am forever a fan of your work."

- Linda Pilat, Bride

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